Thinking about achieving liquidity for your business?

You’ve come to the right place! We are a management consulting
company that specializes in connecting business owners with
strategic buyers and brokers.


M&A Advisors

We’re about creating quality connections for our members. And,
we’re about creating opportunities that actually pay off.

Business Owners

OU Outreach works with a nationwide network of thousands of direct
buyers and advisors to buyers who are hungry to evaluate and
potentially purchase companies nationwide.

Our Team

Marcus Dickinson dreams of sailing with his dogs in the Caribbean – unless he’s helping someone work out their ideal exit strategy. Under his direction, Ou Outreach has built a client base that is growing every day. He also spearheaded the company’s significant growth in the upscale. Before joining Outreach, Marcus, just like his employees, worked as a representative. That’s why he has such a high understanding and empathy towards his workers.


Marcus Dickinson

Sean first started coding from age of 12. He slowly started automating every task that he could. With more that 10 years of experience he now ensuresthat everything in our company related to our software works smoothly and that everyone of our
workers gets the best possible lists to outreach to.


Sean Phillips

Oliver is a young entrepreneur always looking for
new opportunities and options to broaden his
connections and grow his business. He has
worked for years in the lead generation industry
with great results and decided to build his own
brand and do things his own way. He has a really
sharp eye when it comes to finding the right
person for the job which shows through the results of his team and helps Ou outreach run like a well oiled machine.


Oliver Nicholas

George started his job in sales as a sales representative
in search of new knowledge and experience.
After reviewing his specter of attributes as honest, hard
working, responsible and success driven worker he
quickly found his new role as CRO of a young company.
Now as CRO of OU Outreach, he is the individual in
charge of a company’s revenue streams, with clear
vision in his mind. “The only way, is forward”


George Fedora

Phil Ross has always been into sales ever since he found
out that charisma and honesty, his strongets atributes,
are the two key factors when talking to a client. He gained his expertise while working as a Sales Development Representative and talking to countless clients. Now, as a Chief Sales Officer, he makes sure that OU Outreach stays ahead of the curve by changing, experimenting, and bringing out the best in his fellow salesmen in the team. As he oftenly says ” Its not always about closing a deal, it’s about earning their trust and feeling good knowing you can help them out”


Phil Ross

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